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Myth #1

The hypnotherapist has some mystical power over the client. Thanks to Movies and TV shows this portrayal, which is completely unfounded, has established a cloud over the value of hypnosis. If something is said to you while in a hypnotic state which goes against your moral belief one of two things will happen. You will dismiss the suggestion given to you by the hypnotherapist or you will come out of trance. While the hypnotherapist guides you, the only person that can hypnotize you is you, because you determine the extent of your trance. You are always in control.

Myth #2

Hypnosis is a kind of truth serum. False! You are not asleep or unconscious while in hypnosis. You can still edit and withhold information from the hypnotherapist. Believe it or not you can lie to your hypnotherapist, however, not recommended because you are there to change your limiting beliefs so if something is not working or you feel uncomfortable tell your hypnotherapist so they can change their approach in assisting you to reach your maximum potential.

Myth #3

You will lose control. If that were possible just think about where we would be today. You determine the level of participation in hypnosis. Individuals that participate in the “stage show” are willing participants and the Hypnotist is an expert in selecting those that will be the best entertainment.

Myth #4

You will get stuck. False no one has ever got stuck in hypnosis, however, some people enjoy their trance so much they don’t want to come out. For those individuals they are so completely relaxed, stress free, and experiencing total freedom and inner peace for the first time in a long time, the deeper the trance the better you feel because you are releasing endorphins, which make you feel better. However the session has come to an end and you have two choices reluctantly leave the state knowing that you can come back anytime you choose or stay their and pay your therapist until you decide to come out of trance.