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Noesiology and Noesitherapy


is the science that studies the effects produced in human life by the initiation of thought. Every thought produces, according to Dr. Escudero´s experience, a Harmonic Global Biological Response (HGBR), which is the basis for Noesiology. This response can be either positive (PBR) or negative (NBR) according to the context within which that thought was started. Both are able to produce important changes inside the vegetative nervous system. 

 The Negative Biological Response is accompanied by a sympathetic predominance produced by an excess of adrenaline in response to aggression, while the Positive Biological Response is accompanied by a vagal predominance of the muscarinic type, which is capable of producing dramatic positive changes in human health and life, in general. 
 Knowledge of these elemental and natural reactions of the human body and training people to live in a positive response can change human life for the better and the possibilities of living healthier and happier increases. Such knowledge is the true Preventive Medicine.


Taking passionate interest in pain management Gale enhanced her studies by training under the world-renowned vascular surgeon Dr. Angel Escudero, in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Escudero is the creator of Noesitherapy, a technique which produces psychoanalgesia and psychoanesthesia in patients prior to surgery, hence, eliminating the need for chemical anesthesia. This method of pain erasure also has been successfully transferred to the area of maternity and childbirth, causing pregnant women to give birth without feeling any labor pain in a most natural state and in the absence of analgesics.

Dr. Angel Escudero, a surgeon from Valencia, Spain, is the founder of a humanistic school inside of Medicine named NOESITHERAPY, or Healing by Thinking. From the year 1972, Dr. Escudero has performed his surgical work using a personal method to obtain psychological anesthesia. His experience has been translated into Maternity with amazing results. The biological basis of NOESITHERAPY when used in any and all medical specialties improves the results and the quality of life of the patients at all levels. 
 Since 1975, Dr. Escudero has conducted Noesitherapy courses and seminars attended by medical professionals. Some of the best TV channels have broadcasted documentaries about Noesitherapy all around the world. In honor of his extraordinary work, the Spanish Royal Academy of History also requested Dr. Escudero to submit his biography for the Biographical Dictionary of the History of Spain and its Empire. 

 Noesitherapy or "Healing by thinking", originates from the Greek NOESIS: (the "action of thinking") and THERAPY: ("healing"). Noesitherapy' was the term coined by Dr. Angel Escudero to name his humanistic school and system of work in the field of medicine. Contained within Noesitherapy’s phenomenology is the fact of being able to conduct surgery without any chemical anesthetic. About one thousand such surgical interventions (the major part of them varicose veins) have taken place, with patients using Dr. Escudero’s method to achieve psychological anesthesia (Volitive Psychoanalgesia -VPA-). Patients using Dr. Escudero’s method have not experienced a single instance (0%) of postoperative infection, achieving this postoperative state without the aid of antibiotics, as the immune state in the body is boosted. 

 In 1991 Dr. Escudero's work was featured in the BBC documentary "ANGEL", for the series" Your life in their hands". Dr. Escudero has also applied his surgical experience to the field of maternity. This phenomenon is referred to as Maternofetal Psychoanalgesia (MFP). Using MFP, expecting mothers learn, after only one training session, during any month of pregnancy, to control everything in relation to childbirth and uterus dynamics. They are pre-programmed to obtain psychoanalgesia for their whole body. Babies born under MFP are referred to as noesibabies. These newly born have a more positive response and faster psychomotor growth. Dr. Escudero says that they represent a new generation of freer and more intelligent beings, because the seed of fear was not sown in their souls at the moment of being born, as they were protected by the psychoanalgesia obtained by their mothers. The first noesibaby was born on Saint Valentine's Day, February 14, 1973.